LED Goal Post Truss

Goal Post Truss Systems are an excellent and versatile truss solution for video walls, race finish lines, corporate events, grand entranceways, tradeshows and more. Goal Post systems can support a large number of devices, entertainment or show equipment, such as hung backdrops, LED screens, speakers and of course automated lighting fixtures.

The number of truss sections and size of truss used for a goal post system will vary depending on its size and estimated load.

Type: Spigot, bolt
Shape: Goal Post
Colour: Silver
Main tube: 50*3mm
Brace tube: 20*2mm, 25*2mm, 30*2mm
Truss Width: 400*400mm
Height: Up to 7m tall


Box Truss 400 x 400

The truss is built with the highest strength aluminium alloy (Aluminum 6082/T6) and is made according to industry standards to be used by concert tours, production houses, and large-scale stage set-up companies.400mm Aluminium Lighting Spigot Box Truss

  • Main Tube: 50mm x 3mm
  • Vice Brace: 50mm x 2mm
  • Diagonal Brace: 25mm x 2mm
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy¬†6082/T6
  • Finishing: Washed
  • Rating: TUV
  • Length Available: 1m, 2m