The LED screen is one of the fastest-growing areas in the live production and event industries. Unique, dynamic events all have one thing in common: they begin with a great vision. Adding personality and dimension to your event has never been easier. LED displays are adaptable by nature and can be configured to serve a number of different functions in small, medium, and large setups.

While many people consider LED video wall rentals to be useful in concert and musical event settings, the truth is that LED displays can be used in a wide variety of live event scenarios. In fact, many companies are turning to rental LED screens for trade show booths, corporate events and meetings, as well as live television broadcasts and tapings.

LED screens will run all types of content. Video walls are used to create an inspirational entrance, on stage and around the room. Your imagination really is the only limit!

In a packed event, there’s nothing quite like a massive LED screen to captivate and engage an audience. When LED screens are used, every member of the audience gets the best seat in the house and will appreciate not having to miss any of the action because of a rowdy audience, or a less than optimal seating arrangement.

LED Indoor Screen

Our indoor LED wall screens come in modules that are 500mm x 500mm in size, with a 2.6mm pitch. This indoor screen able to deliver a superior contrast ratio due to the use of blackbody LEDs which are non-reflective. A high contrast ratio is critical as it creates a display that can produce vivid colors with excellent uniformity for beautiful images every time.

LED Outdoor Screen

Our outdoor screen come in modules that are 500mm x 1000mm in size, with a 4.8mm pitch. This outdoor screen is IP65 rated and feature High Brightness LED 5000 nits. It’s manufactured specifically to perform in brightly lit environments, even in direct sunlight, making it ideal for the outdoor applications. The curve design allows you to create a waved formation of LED to cover an exhibition stand, wrap around a product at a product launch or as an inventive stage set, in any size or shape you desire.

Decide the size, layout or any shape

Superior contrast for beautiful picture, stunning image under the direct sunlight

Fanless, no noise. Total silent

On site assistance, your rental will go off without a hitch 

LED Screen At Your Events

LED screens for hire in Auckland

Gear up for a viewing experience that wins hearts. Our indoor and outdoor LED screen rentals can double as a captivating backdrop or a glare-free centrepiece that catches all eyes out there. Get your curved screen installed inside your venue or in direct sunlight – visibility is flawless without light bouncing off and making your event hard to follow for the audience.

For all LED video wall rentals, EventsCraft will work with you to plan your event in Auckland and ensure your LED screens are set up to perfection. If you want us to come and help with the installation, we will never say no! We have certified installers for any type of curved video wall.